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I don't know about you, but I'm over the weight loss shakes and special diets. I'm sick of the yo-yo track where a program works for a bit and then everything seems to unravel. I don't have time for the BS promises that I've been succumbing to for the bast 30 years anymore and I'm just ready to find a simple and permanent solution. This is why I decided to become a women's health coach who focuses on lifestyle and functional nutrition. I wanted to find the solutions to my own struggles with weight loss and health, especially since turning 40 and also help others going through similar struggles.

The thing is, our approach to weight loss for women has a lot more to do with our lifestyle than simply calories in and calories out. And while that still is a piece of the puzzle, we need more. Many of us have played with our metabolism over the years with extreme dieting, removing complete food groups, and just feeling like crap. We have to stop that.

In addition, many of us suffer from chronic pain, IBS, pelvic pain and dysfunction, fatigue, and a number of other issues that we've learned to just deal with. If you're like me, you've tried the medicines, the diets, the program with no lasting relief. We shouldn't be doomed to a limited life due to unpredictable flares and constant pain, and we don't have to be. Sometimes stepping back and looking at your issues through a different lens is all it takes.

Have a tween or teen daughter?

Check out my Teen Mindset & Wellness Coaching. It's the same approach to balanced wellness that I use with adult, but tailored to work with the unique obstacles that girls face during adolescence. Think of it as a Health Class 2.0 - education & tools that they can actually apply now to help them during puberty, offset the diet culture they are bombarded with on social media, and truly become the amazing, healthy, and confident girls that they are meant to be!

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