Life & Wellness Coaching for Teen Girls

Personalized holistic wellness coaching to help our teens move more, heal physically & mentally, feel good in their bodies, and live a play-based life.

Our daughters are jugging more than ever. They are being asked to perform highly both academically and in extracurricular pursuits. Parent, teachers, and peers are asking them to do all of the things, and often it's just too much. This pressure leads to increased anxiety and possible depression.

On top of that, many of our teen girls are struggling perfectionism and truly knowing who they are. They feel unseen and unheard, and forced to wear a mask in order to fit in.

To deal with these new pressures, our daughters are often looking to unhealthy coping mechanism - disordered eating, cutting or other self-harm, social withdrawing, and emotionally masking.

With our BECOME method, teens begin to understand who they are and explore the path to who they want to be. Using movement, mindset, and nutrition, they learn to navigate the pressures of being a teen girl today, build a foundation of knowledge based in wellness so that they build a balanced life aligned with their goals.

Coaching Programs

Your teen's life is busy, which is why I offer a variety of ways to connect, including Voxer coaching. Voxer is a free real-time communication walkie-talkie app that allows users to exchange voice/text messages and files.  It’s safe, secure and powerful for getting things done and making huge shifts towards wellness goals, without needing to schedule specific times to meet. This is great for the teen who may only have a few minutes here and there in a day to connect, but still needs the support of 1:1 Coaching. That's why I use Voxer in both my private and group coaching options.

If a Zoom or phone call is needed, no sweat! We just find a time that works and switch it out. Easy-Peasy!!

1:1 Coaching Program

Change doesn't happen overnight. We need time to explore our goals, new mindsets, and to establish lasting behavior change. Over the next 12-weeks, I will support your daughter on her path to becoming aligned, nourished, and confident in who she is and her future goals.

Weekly sessions, individualized support and tools, and parent updates. This is not  a cookie cutter program, but something bespoke to your teen alone.

Have questions? Schedule a free call to talk more about the program and how I can support your daughter's needs, goals, and whole self.

1:1 Coaching Sessions

Sometimes you just need coaching here and there, without the commitment of a weekly session. Or, you have a specific focus that can be supported in only a few sessions.

If this sounds like your family, then our 1:1 Coaching Sessions are for you.

These sessions use the same BECOME method as the 12-week program, but allow you to schedule a session when it works for you.

Single-session and multiple session packs are available. Schedule a free call find out more and decide if a flexible plan is a good fit for your daughter.

Group Coaching

Not all teens need private individualized coaching. In fact, many find the support that they are seeking in the midst of peers and friends. This is why we offer out Best Year Ever memberships.

Active, Confident Girls is our group coaching club that brings teen girls of similar ages together to talk about their goals, their struggles, and how to use wellness to support them on their path to who they want to BECOME.

Groups meet monthly for focused coaching, with opportunities to connect weekly over specific topics, and even daily for check-ins. It's a great way to support your daughter through these transition years, in a way that's fun and affordable.

Have a Teen Athlete?

All of our coaching program options can be tailor with your daughter's sports performance goals in mind.I specialize in helping teen girls learn how to use their changing bodies and cycles to improve athletic performance. Our athlete-focus uses the same BECOME method, only tailored to the unique demands of a teen athlete - whatever level she is.

Check out my Athletic Wellness Resources. It's basically like wellness coaching for athletes to help our girls learn how to use their cycles to boost performance and prevent injury, how to eat to fuel their training and recovery, and how to make sure their lifestyle choices support their athletic goals.