Injury Recovery Coaching & Consults

Sometimes we get hurt but aren’t sure if it warrants a trip to the doctor or rehab professional. Other times we get frustrated in the injury healing process and get stuck. And then there are times when we're looking for an approach to healing that addresses whole-person healing - through nutrition, movement, and mindset - and not just a tear sheet of corrective exercise. This is where I come in.

I've spent the past 20 years as a gate-keeper of sorts, evaluating athletic injuries and helping athletes plan their return to play. Sometimes the work they do with me is enough for a full recovery, but often I refer to my network of healthcare providers to ensure my clients are getting the specialized care needed.

As we know, injury recovery and healing goes beyond the physical repair of tissue. There are many different factors that can affect our healing, including what we're eating and how we act in our daily lives. For many of us, that forced break from our activity and training can lead us into a downward spiral of feeling depressed and frustrated. Getting hurt isn't fun, but waiting to get better can be even worse. Sometimes it feels like we won't ever be able to play in our sports and activities again, and that feeling of depression can definitely get us stuck.  

The solution is to build a custom recovery plan, outside the tradition a rest and rehab, that addresses healing from a holistic approach.

This is what we do at the Move Heal Play. We work together and often with your other healthcare providers to create a recovery plan that will help you heal as quickly as possible, with little setbacks or chance of reinjury.

There are two options in my Injury Recovery Programs

Pain & Injury Consult

$75 one time

  • We’ll meet via in person or video to discuss your symptoms, look at your movement, and help you decide if you need to be evaluated by a healthcare professional or if there’s an appropriate at-home solution for you. It’s a great way to stay on top of your health, wellness, and sports training while making sure you’re being seeing by the proper professions.

Injury Recovery Coaching

$1500 3 months

  • During the coming three months, you will learn ways to help you recover from injury and return to your play.  The program will include all of the following:
  • Weekly 45-min session to discuss progress, make changes, and apply modalities (massage, movement therapy, correctives, etc)
  • A program tailored to you needs - corrective exercises, bridge training plan, nutrition, and lifestyle adjustments that aid in recovery, maintain conditioning, and address the mental considerations of injury recovery.
  • Unlimited Access to Beth via app and email.


I'm happy to answer any questions about these programs or to set up a time to hop on a quick call. Just shoot me a message and I'll get back to you ASAP.